Back down to Garmisch! Travel Diary

Back down to Garmisch! Travel Diary

BACK DOWN TO GARMISCH - a travel diary

BACK DOWN TO GARMISCH – a travel diary

So shortly after I said goodbye to my mom, I got to welcome my in-laws for a visit.  Their visit, however, did not start off quite as smoothly.

I finished my last few errands and then hopped in the car for a short drive into Nuremberg to pick them up.  Since using a US cell in Germany is rather pricey I told them to do the same thing my mom did upon landing and connect to the free airport WIFI and shoot me a message on Facebook which I would be watching for!  When I didn’t get this quite some time after I confirmed their flight had landed I knew something wasn’t right.  I found a short term pay to park spot and as I was about to get out of my car I got a phone call.  Their luggage was missing.  While not serious, it is a HUGE pain in the butt.  So I went inside and found them trying to get things worked out to receive their luggage.  I will say the airport handled it well.  I live an hour away from the airport, but we would be leaving directly from my house to go south to Garmisch.  Their airport agreed to have it hand delivered to our apartment in Garmisch as soon as the luggage was recovered.  We left all of our contact and travel details with the airport and left for my house.

We got home only to find out the husband wasn’t getting off work at the expected time and would not be ready to leave right away.  So we went ahead and got Bravo checked into his suite at the kennel while he got his stuff together.

And then finally, we left for Garmisch!  I had booked an apartment with the Bayern Resort in Grainau and they did not disappoint.  I didn’t want to stay at the Edelweiss in Garmisch.  One, because which they claim to cater to military families and provide inexpensive lodging, it is actually significantly more money.  Two because I like to experience the full culture of where I am.   We stayed in a two bedroom full apartment on the top floor for significantly less than two rooms and the Edelweiss, and everyone was extremely happy with the choice.

Not only was the place adorable, but we had cows to watch from our balcony with an amazing backdrop of the Alps.  We spent time every morning and night sitting outside.  After a long day for all of us, we turned in early so we would be rested and ready for the excitement the following day!

And so we move to Day 2

So after getting our much-needed sleep we got up and got ready for a day full.  We stopped at a bakery on our way out and I have to say, everything we ate was amazing!  And the coffee was good too!  I wish I could tell you the name… but I can’t… even though we ate there 3 times.  Bad travel blogger, bad!  Anyway as we stuffed our faces full of pastries, tea, and coffee I drove us to the Eibsee both of so we could catch to the cable car to the top of the tallest point in Germany – Zugspitze!


Yes, the tickets are pricey!  And even more so when you are buying them in multiples but it is so worth it.  Do it!  We took the packed out cable car to the top of the mountain, a very cool experience.  However, if you don’t get a spot on the side, you might as well take the train because you won’t see anything.  Since I was the last person on, I had the best spot.  Not only a window but an open window – you will see it in the video!


So we continued to ease up the mountain in the cable car all the way to the top.  The views are spectacular.  There is nothing like a 360-degree view of the snow capped Alps.  I was truly in awe.  So of course, the first thing I wanted to do was get out on the mountain and climb the rest of the way to the actual summit!  Which is… AMAZING!  This is one of my favorite things I have done in Germany.  If I didn’t have everyone waiting for me to come back down I probably could have sat up there all day.  The climb was pretty impressive too!  Some people were clipped in on the way up and probably should be… don’t tell the mom.

DSC_0197-X2 DSC_0218-X3 IMG_1125 IMG_1131 IMG_1153 IMG_1154

And this was the… safer… side.  And it was pretty awesome!

67334_10205463452403907_6473692224827832715_n 11058532_10205473079724584_2009484036556388793_n

Once Billy drug me back down from the summit (I wanted to stay up there longer) we explored the rest of the views.

DSC_8820-X3 DSC_8863-X2

Before doing any more exploring we had lunch at the Sonnalpin.  It was just German cafeteria food, but we all enjoyed our meals.  On the schedule I had planned for the day the next thing was:

1300 – 1400 sledding if anyone feels so inclined

At first, no one wanted to but I think they could tell I wanted to so my father-in-law agreed to go with me.  I can now say I have been sledding, in the summer, on a glacier!  And it was so very much fun!  I got a shoe and pants leg full of snow on my way down but it was all worth it!

DSC_8901-X2 DSC_8904-X2 DSC_8907-X3

We did some more walking around and sightseeing while we waited for the next train back down.

DSC_8887-X2 DSC_8893-X3

We took the train back down to get a different perspective.  The cable car was more fun, but the train was pretty cool traveling through the mountain.  When we reached the bottom of the mountain it went from cold to HOT real fast.  We decided to take a quick walk around Lake Eibsee and get some ice cream cones.  I seem to eat a lot of ice cream when I have people visiting…

DSC_8925-X3 DSC_8926-X3 DSC_8930-X2

Once we finished our walk around the lake we packed back into the car to go to Ettal Abby.  It is worth a stop if you are in the area!  The Abby is beautiful and they also brew their own beer.  Which I can’t say I enjoy, but the guys did!

67334_10205463452403907_6473692224827832715_n 11058532_10205473079724584_2009484036556388793_n DSC_0197-X2

The Abby was gorgeous inside, and the grounds on the outside.  We also visited the gift shop that was quite extensive.  We also walked just across the street and had an early dinner at the Monistary Biergarten that served the abby’s beer.


We also had apple strudel!

Once we finished up we went back to our apartment to relax… and feed cows.


We had been feeding the apples from the tree in the yard and the owner saw and brought out a bunch of stale bread for us to give them.  They LOVED it.  I swear they beg just like dogs.


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