Bolesławiec, Poland – Pottery shopping

Bolesławiec, Poland – Pottery shopping

So my friend Teanna and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Boleslawiec, Poland to do some shopping… for polish pottery… because it is amazing!  It is about a 4-hour drive so we decided to go ahead and make a weekend trip out of it and stay overnight instead of trying to pack everything into just a day trip – and I have to say, this was the right decision.  Also, I love hotels… there is just something exciting about being away from home, and sleeping somewhere new.  Yeah, I don’t know, I love it, don’t judge me.  (Or do, that’s fine too)

I got up early on Saturday morning and got Bravo (the dog) all packed up to go to the kennel – he loves it there, so getting him dropped off was easy.  I then left to pick up my partner in crime so we could hurry up and get to shopping!

On the way there we got lucky and had nice weather and no traffic so we made great time (except for stopping for gas… the road was closed and there was no detour).  Dang you German road work…   So lunch and gas added a little bit more time than it should have, but we still got there with plenty of time to do our shopping.

Our first stop was WR Ceramika  (open mon-sat 0900-1700)

ul Kościuszki 24B
59-700 Bolesławiec, Poland

The stuff here is gorgeous, but it is a little bit more expensive.  But if you are looking for a really unique item, this might be a place to look.  If you want one of the more common patterns or items, I would suggest holding off and seeing if you can find it in one of the other locations.

There are also a number of shops directly across the street from here that all have wonderful collections to choose from.  I think between the two of us, something was purchased from each shop.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of the front of each of these shops because I can’t for the life of me remember names. (Bad vlogger, I know, but, at least, I can give you an address to get you there!)

Once we finished here we went on to Henry’s (Masarska 1, 59- 700 Bolesławiec).  This was probably my second favorite store of the entire trip.  They had a lot of really unique things like stools, coffee grinders, and flower pots.  It is a must see shop for sure.  I had to control myself and not buy everything.  While some things are more expensive here, there are some great deals to find as well.

After Henry’s, we decided to call it a day and go check into our hotel – Pensjonat U Janiny.  The hotel was simple and inexpensive but still charming, clean, and comfortable!  It was a perfect place for us to call home base during our quick trip.  The staff was very friendly and welcoming and made us feel right at home.

Once we got checked in and our stuff put away we bundled back up to brave the chill – but um… worth it!  Polish food is amazing!  We decided on Opalkowa Chata for dinner, and it was a great introduction to Polish food.  We both ordered chicken, I got mine with cheese and mushrooms!  We also split an order of Perogies with potato and cheese filling.  AMAZING!  I almost wish I had just ordered an entire plate of Perogie….  The restaurant is also adorable inside.  It has the feeling of a home and is a great place to relax and fill up on great food.  We had come in planning to also indulge in dessert, but neither of us even finished our meals we were so stuffed.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped in at Kaufland to grab some drinks and treats… and then made a plan to return for more.

Back in the hotel, we got comfy and just had a relaxing night in.  You know… to get rested up for more shopping the following day!

We woke up to a gross rainy sad looking day outside.  But we got ready and went out to find a lovely breakfast spread ready.  A lot of travelers complain about breakfast in Europe.  A lot of the countries don’t serve up the American expected pancake, bacon, and eggs.  Instead, there is a lot of cold cuts and cheese, jams and bread.  I personally love these breakfasts – I feel like they stay with you and leave you feeling better.  So I enjoyed my smoked turkey, cheese, fresh bread, boiled egg, and jam.  Also… coffee… And all served on the pottery we love so much!

Once we filled our bellies and got all of our stuff packed back up we set out for the day!

Our first stop of the morning was Zaklady Ceramiczne(sat 0700-1600 sun 0900-1600) (Bolesławiec, Kościuszki 11).  They actually had a sale going on outside in a tent that we ended up checking out first.  My favorite pieces I came home with came from there.  They had some really unique patterns.

Once finished here we left for our final stop (and also the stop we knew would be a spendy one) – Manufactura pottery outlet (mon-sat 0900-1700 sun 10-1400) (Zgorzelecka 22B, 59- 700 Bolesławiec).  We had done some recon and knew that they had the best deal on Teanna’s pattern she was looking for and she came planning to bring home a full set.  So we spent some time and gathered all of our goodies.  This is also where I found my favorite pattern yet!  Of course… I have expensive taste so I only got a small bowl and a mug.  But I love them both.  We both left happy, with more pottery than expected.  But I also completed a LOT of Christmas shopping, woo hoo!!

Now, because we both loved Polish food so very much, we decided to have lunch before leaving to come home.  I had picked out the Blue Beet Root which is also a hotel.  Now Teanna preferred  Opalkowa Chata  while I preferred the Beet Root.  But keep in mind, this is not to say either of us disliked one, haha.  I had Zurek a traditional Polish sour doe soup with Egg, Sausage, and Bacon.  Teanna got a salmon and beetroot salad and we split another order of Perogie filled with spinach this time.  It was amazing!!!  I loved the spinach pierogies with the creamy (ranchy) dip it came with.  I will have to return and have some more!

And from there, we made our way home!

Now, some tips for going pottery shopping!

Make a list of things you “must have” or you WILL be overwhelmed.  It is overwhelming with a list (trust me, I know).

Check the exchange rate and plan what is the best way to pay.  In our case, I had a card that does not charge me the conversion fee so it was best for me to just charge in Polish zloty.  It made it much easier than having to keep up with yet another type of cash in my wallet.  I think every store we went too could take a card and also charge it in zloty, euro, or even dollars.

Decide if you want to “choose a pattern” or if you want a mix.  If you do want a pattern to stick to I suggest visiting a number of stores first so that you don’t buy a bunch in one pattern and find one you like more.  I choose to have a mix, which is a good thing because I found my favorite pattern at the last store and it would have been too expensive to buy everything in anyway.

If you are going to cook with it then understand the different quality ratings.  I didn’t when we went and instead had to ask as I shopped.  But I have the info now, and will share

  • “Gat 1” is the best quality; there aren’t any defects in the pot whatsoever.
  • “Gat 2” pots may have a stray brush stroke.
  • “Gat 3” may have a crack in the glaze.
  • “Gat 4” may have a chip.
  • “Gat 5” cannot be used in the oven.

Sometimes Chips and cracks can cause a piece to not be suitable to be used in cooking or microwaving.

I hope this helps : )  Make sure to check out Teanna’s blog also!

Bolesławiec, Poland

Bolesławiec, Poland

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