Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins

Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins





The Cahal PechMayan Ruins , while the name “place of the ticks” made me a bit skeptical, were such a pleasant surprise.  We had visited Xunantunich earlier the same day we went to Cahal Pech resort for dinner later.  Some of us decided to go exploring and check them out.  They did not disappoint.  I think we all agreed we enjoyed these just as much as the larger ruin site.  No one else was there and you felt like you could really investigate.  It was an interesting experience to walk through empty of other tourists.




We got to look inside some of the small “rooms”.  It is beleived to have been in use as early as 1200 BC and could have been much larger than the area that has been excavated.  I do wish we knew more about what each room was used for while walking through.  But I have since done some reading here, that has at least given me a bit more info about the area.



After we finished exploring the ruins I convinced the girls to go on a short hike in the jungle.  I love walking through jungles and being completely surrounded by the lush plant life around me.  So much grows and so many creatures make their homes in these fertile places, and here I cant even get MINT to grow well in the concrete I call dirt in my front garden. DSC_8017


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