Day 13 14 and 15 – #15daysthrougheurope

Day 13 14 and 15 – #15daysthrougheurope

The last three days we spent hanging around my current home here in Germany.

We spent day 13 in the city of Amberg wandering through my favorite shops and eating my favorite snacks.  Amberg is such a charming town and a great place to start winding down our adventure.  I love getting to show my mom all of the fun parts of my everyday life here in Germany.

The next day (day 14) we decided to drive around the Pottenstein are.  The mom wanted to see what local neighborhoods look like along with some more small towns.  And so that is what we did!  I took her through Plech and Pottenstein and all the small towns in between.  And from there we made our way over to Weiden for some more shopping and wandering.

On our last day (day 15) we went to the train station to get our tickets to the airport set up and then we went on to the military base to get a tour.  We spent the rest of the afternoon packing and getting ready for the mom to leave.

And then what would be day 16 arrived and it was time to depart.  We woke up before sunrise (which is EARLY) and made the 10-minute drive to the train station.  The only ones there, we waited on the cold platform for the train.  Both of us are rather entertained by the small things and actually enjoyed getting to add a train ride to our 15-day adventure through Europe together.  Once the train arrived at the station we drug moms luggage onto the train and chose our seats.  This was a treat for both of us having never traveled via train (as long as you don’t count subway).  We watched the sunrise as we sailed through Bavaria on our way to Nuremberg.  There was no direct train to Frankfurt airport – which also explains why I was on the train at all since I was not leaving myself.  The time between trains in Nuremberg was only 10 minutes and there were two flights of stairs to get to the next platform.  So I was only going this far to help get her and all of her luggage onto her connecting train.  Which was a good decision because she never would have made it off the train, up and down all the stairs and onto her next train with a HUGE suitcase, a carry-on, a purse, and an extra reusable grocery bag all packed full to bursting.

So the mom left on her train to Frankfurt and I caught the same train back to my town.  The mom made it to her flight and home no problem.  I, on the other hand, had a fun trip home.  When the train arrived at my stop and I pressed the button for the door to open… nothing…. and then the train left.  I had to ride the train to the next town after mine and sit and wait for an hour for the next train going back to where I needed to be.  The kicker… I was only 10 miles away from home while I sat and waited.  Oh well, I made it home and it was then time to plan for #10moredaysthrueurope as my in-laws would be showing up in only a few weeks to start their own adventure with me!


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