Quick and Easy guide to a day in Bamberg

Bamberg is an amazing city full of culture and history. While there are many sights to see and things do in Bamberg, this is a guide for a quick day trip.


Neue Residentz, Bamberg

Neue Residenz, Bamberg

We will start our day at the Neue Residenz. This palace began in the very early 1600’s and was used and updated through the years until the early 1900’s.  This was the seat of the prince-bishops until 1802.  And now you can walk through and enjoy the history through over 40 rooms furnished with items and art from the 17th and 18th century.  When visiting keep in mind the tour is usually only given in German,  but it is still worth seeing.

Neue Residentz, Bamberg - Rose Garden

Neue Residenz, Bamberg – Rose Garden

From here you can go to the inner courtyard of the palace and into the Rose Gardens, completed in 1757.  The gardens feature a round fountain in the center surrounded by a grid of over 70 flower beds with walkways in between.  The entire garden is framed with lines of lime trees and a small garden pavilion in one corner. With over 4500 flowers, the aroma and color are almost overwhelming.  It is an amazing experience to walk through and appreciate the simple beauty.

Entrance into the Old Court

Once you have taken your time to smell the roses we will venture back out to the front of the Residenz and walk across to the Old Court.  It feels like you are stepping into a bit of history.  There is masonry leftover from the episcopal palace from the 11th century.  And if you have time in your day, there is also a Historical Museum of Bamberg

Bamberg Cathedral

Bamberg Cathedral

Once you finish exploring the Old Court, the Bamberger Dom St. Peter und St. Georg is just  next door.  This cathedral was founded in 1002 and completed later in the 13th century after the cathedral was damaged by a fire in 1081.  This cathedral is also the only papal burial site outside of France and Italy.  Pope Clement II was the local bishop prior to becoming Pope and thus was buried in the Bamberg Cathedral.

This ends the quick and easy guide to Bamberg.  There are so many more amazing things to see in Bamberg, but I put this together as an easy way to see as much as possible in a short amount of time.  All of these locations are within view of the other and just a quick walk away from the other.  So it would be easy to do this list in any order.  I highly suggest checking out a local restaurant and enjoying some local cuisine after all of your sight seeing!

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