Hiking somewhere in Bavaria

Hiking somewhere in Bavaria

So it is REALLY hard to find good hikes in Germany on the internet. Let me rephrase… short hikes! You can find 100 milers all day long. I dont think so. And even those you would think, “oh, I will just go hike part of it”. No… They go through cities and such. I guess it is normal for the locals to take a bus and “Wanderung”, or hike, from the bus stop through the woods to the next bus stop and then take the bus home. So parking is often times an issue as well.

It was so nice out today though, so I wanted to take Bravo and do some exploring. Unfortunately all the shorter hikes I had found are pretty far away. So… We just got in the car and drove until we found a pull off that looked promising. This one was the least exciting we have found this way, but the drive was beautiful, so I can’t complain!


There was a strange truck parked in the lot though. It looked like a circus truck or something but no one was in it. When we came back another circus truck pulled in and blocked the exit so we did a 3 point turn and high tailed it out the entrance.

Anyway, watch the video to see all the scenery : )

5 comments on “Hiking somewhere in Bavaria
  1. Lynn Ramsey says:

    love it, but uhh you need to slow down lol

  2. Michael S. says:

    i just find the way to your Website over the Channel of Wanted an Adventure and then over your Channel to here.
    Ehm i am German live in Bavaria – Nationalpark Bavarian Forest.
    What i want to say is, it is not difficult to find Hiking or Trekking Routes in Bavaria or Germany or Europe.
    Here in the Nationalpark we have so many of it and also new ones in Germany – Premium Trekking Routes – are opened last year!

    So here are some Advices of a me as a Native:
    Bayerischer Wald – Bavarian Forest:


    Europa / Europe:

    Just some Websites.

    If you have more questions, just ask me.

    And i want to say you! Your Website and Youtube-Channel is very interesting and made great! So continue doing it!
    Looking forward new Adventures!

    If you have some questions just ask me.

    I am from the Travel-Branche specially Oberpfalz and Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald / Nationalpark Bavarian Forest

    Big Greetings 🙂

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english! – And if you and your husband search for Travel-Buddies or advices feel free to ask me, too!

    Michael S.

    • paigeramsey@gmail.com says:

      Michael, Thanks so much for commenting – I love Dana’s videos over on wanted an adventure.

      I an getting better at finding stuff like hiking trails and such here. I am just spoiled by the internet in the states. You can find good trails in seconds! I cant wait to visit the Bavarian Forest. The photos I have seen look amazing!! You guys like to hike super long distance though haha. I am going to have to work up to that 🙂 I will check out those websites for sure though.

      I have loads of plans and cant wait to do more with my blog and youtube channel, so stay tuned 😀

      (and your english is just fine – all I can talk about in German so far is my dog)

      Hope you stick around for more blogs and videos,

  3. Web Site says:

    Keep functioning ,remarkable job!

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