Lichtensteinklamm, Austria TRAVEL DIARY

Lichtensteinklamm, Austria TRAVEL DIARY

Lichtensteinklamm, Austria – Day 10 – Austria – #15daysthrougheurope

a travel diary

a travel diary

The rest of these are going up without the mom’s commentary because she is a slacker and they have been ready for weeks!  The cover photo is her punishment!

So it was finally time to get back on the road again and go a bit further than you would go for a day trip.  We packed up, gathered provisions, and got on the road!  And it was nasty outside.  It was a foggy, rainy, miserable day.  But that has never stopped us before.  We once drove to Charleston SC for a day during a tropical storm.  And you know what, we had fun and ate seafood.

We drove and drove and as we went discussed what we should do upon arrival – because our plan was to hike through the Klamm.  We decided unless it was REALLY raining when we got there we would just hike it anyway.  After a few more hours than it should have taken we were about 5 minutes away from our destination when the fog lifted and the blue sky started peaking through.  The rain stopped, the sun came out, and for the first time all day the weather was beautiful just in time for us to get out of the car, stretch our legs and go hiking through the Lichtensteinklamm.

I think gorge hiking like this is one of my favorite things.  My favorite hike in the states is a Linville gorge hike, and while it is very much different than these gorges, the similarities are there.

The water was not as blue as normal because of all the rain all day, but we saw it clear and start to get its color back as we hiked.

DSC_8716-X3 DSC_8725-X2 DSC_8737-X3 DSC_8745-X3

The end of this hike also has more than just a widening and slowing of the river, there is a waterfall!

DSC_8716-X3 DSC_8725-X2 DSC_8737-X3 DSC_8745-X3

So we spent some time here at the end, had a snack and watched the falls for a while before heading back the way we came.  Which is also when we decided to take some more… fun… photos.

DSC_8768-X2 DSC_8770-X3

It was really nice coming after a rain storm because there were very few other people walking through.  Usually, every few minutes you are either squeezing around someone or letting someone squeeze around you.  This was really peaceful.

We hiked back to the car and got back on the road to our hotel in Grossarl.  I booked an apartment for us at the Edelweiss Superior Wellnesshotel.  The apartment was wonderful and comfortable and I might even stay there again, but we did feel a little bit… tricked?  The apartment was in a completely separate building down the street above a parking deck.  It was not in the lovely building you see in the advertisements, which is, though, where you check in.  We also did not have access to the pool without paying extra.  It just seemed a bit off and we didn’t feel “welcomed”.

When we arrived the internet did not work so we walked back down the street to the main hotel (in the rain) to ask and they assured us it was working and to try again.  We did, it did not.  So we walked back… again… in the rain(and got a number to the front desk this time)…  They called someone at the apartments that worked somewhere else and asked him to check.  It still didn’t work after about an hour so we called up to the main desk and asked.  Finally, someone showed up.  All it turned out to be was the router in the hallway had been unplugged.  But we were made to feel like we were a burden on them by asking for this to be fixed.  Very unwelcoming.  I don’t actually mind if stuff like this happens (the internet not working) if it is taken care of in a timely and friendly manner.

You can see the room (that I forgot to photograph) at the end of my storie for that day.

We walked back down the street and had dinner in on of the hotel restaurants.  It was amazing, and the service was wonderful.  We both had amazing pasta dishes that we swapped halfway so we could both have some of each!

Once we got back to the hotel we watched Alice in Wonderland in German and wrapped up in down blankets on the couch – it was in the 30’s outside!!

See all of the photos from this day here.

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