Neustadt am Kulm

Neustadt am Kulm

10580052_10154754807260413_2788556652249895757_nSo I got to go to an amazing festival in Neustadt am Kulm (the town between the volcanoes).  This was similar to a cattle drive in that they were “bringing the goats down from the mountain”.  The funny part was they brought the goats up the mountain to bring them down.  But thats ok, it was AWESOME!  I admit I had on quite the goofy grin all day! What is better than a flower clad goat parade with a festival at the bottom?  I think I want to stay here in Germany for more than just 3 measly little years! It is not going to be enough!!! I already feel like I am running out of time.


All of the girls had amazing crowns made of flowers and wore their dirndln.


And the guys donned their lederhosen.


It was an amazing trip and an amazing welcome to Germany!


See all of the photos here.


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