Nuremberg and around Hahnbach – Day 5 and 6 of #15daysthrougheurope

Nuremberg and around Hahnbach – Day 5 and 6 of #15daysthrougheurope


So we decided to take it easy on Day 5 and stay close to home.  We also got to go pick up Bad Dog and spend some time with him too.  Oh, and mom hadn’t seen my house yet!  That too.

So we spent the day driving around the military base, going to Kaughlands (first German grocery experience for mom), and riding our bikes around Hahnbach.  Oh!  And Doners…. I introduced mom to Doner Kebhab, which then turned into a theme for the trip.  Soo… not a lot to report for Day 5 from me, but I am sure the mom will chime in as she had a lot of “firsts”.

I loved seeing where Paige and Billy live and meeting the wonderful families that lives around them.

Hi everyone, yes it’s the MOM.  I so enjoyed the local time and I’m impressed with Germany.  The countryside is beautiful, green and clean.  Loved seeing the wind turbines and the fields of solar energy panels.  Some things that stand out in memory were the bike and foot paths that connect to each town which means 100’s of miles of trails.  Some trails are concrete and some are dirt or stone or bridges.  Some run fairly close to the road and then some are buried about 300 feet off the road in a field or corn or hay and some go off into the forest.  But always, ALWAYS someone is on the trail biking, running or walking.  Biking is a big mode of transportation within the towns the rain or cold does not stop them from riding.  One of the first things I wanted to do was to just ride Paige and Billy’s bikes through the town of Hahnbach and we did.  

OH!  I forgot!  We also went strawberry picking with my neighbor friends!  And we had so much fun – I think the mom enjoyed it just as much as the little ones.

Another first as an adult was strawberry picking.  I remember as a  little girl sitting in my Grandma’s patch eating strawberries.  This day in Germany I enjoyed watching the children pick but also felt like I was a kid again sitting in my Grandma’s patch and yes I ate a few right there in the patch that day.  I’m so thankful to have met Paige’s sweet friends and their children and to have spent this day with them.

DSC_8537 DSC_8545 DSC_8548

I learned how to make crepes and we used the strawberries that I picked.

Another fond memory are the window boxes.  Interesting how boring a square concrete building comes alive with a few beautiful window boxes full of colorful flowers and vines pouring over.  I couldn’t stand it, I had to make one or several so we did and set them in Paige and Billy’s window sills.

On to Day 6!  Nuremberg!  So I frequent Nuremberg myself.  I love wandering through the city whenever I have a good excuse.  And so that is where we went for the day!  Again, I think mom will have a lot more to say.  It is hard to write about a place you go all the time.  But I will try!

I chose a parking deck before we left that would make for a good walk through the center of town.  So we got parked and got oriented.  I don’t know about you, but when I emerge from the depths of a parking deck I am always so turned around and typically walk in the total wrong direction before correcting and setting out properly.  So yeah, that happened.  I took her to the bridge vendors (that does not sound like a good thing, I swear it is though) and we did some immediate shopping and chatting.  I have heard that Germans are not chatty, they are simply to the point – I on the other hand always find the ones who are happy to chat it up.

Most of the German cities were surrounded by defensive walls.  Once inside the walls, I loved finding the center of the cities we visited and there in the center were the markets that featured flowers, wares and yes, food.  The flower market in town was like nothing I had seen before. 

11950879_10206098104469812_1491320245_n 12032304_10206098103989800_1631899001_n

Once we finished our shopping we continued to walk towards St. Lorenz cathedral in the center of town.  It is not the biggest or most grand, but if you are there, it is well worth a walk through.  There is also a lot of history inside documenting the bombings during the war.

DSC_8582 DSC_8587 DSC_8594

We then went to the market square and wandered through the vendors.  I love all of the flowers and sweets you can find.


So of course… you guessed it – we ate something!  Crepes!


From there we wandered around and did some shopping before heading home.

We may or may not have eaten Doner Kebab again…

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