traveling with OLAAT thurs/fri

traveling with OLAAT thurs/fri

I have said it many times – that traveling with OLAAT is my favorite way to travel.  You see a whole different side of the country you are visiting.  So many people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them I went to Belize and never saw the coast.  Yes, I would LOVE to go and spend some beach time in Belize.  But there is no part of my trip that I would trade to have gone to the coast this time around.  When traveling with a non profit I get to go and spend time in small local communities where I get to truly be immersed in local culture.  No, it is not a “vacation”, but rest and relaxation are not why I travel.  I can rest and relax in the comfort of my own home.  I travel to see the world and meet new people, and learn about cultures.

We had a long day Thursday in the library (you can read all about it over on the OLAAT blog here) before heading out to do some shopping!  Those of use that went shopping all packed into a cab, and when I say packed I mean packed.  Who knew  that four grown adults could pack into the back seat of a 1990’s Toyota corolla with another two of us up front with the driver.  Getting around in other countries is always an experience to remember.  I don’t think it will ever stop being entertaining.  But we made it to Saint Ignacio with no problems!

That is where we found the best store in Belize!  Back to My Roots! The owners, Carlton and Barbara, are amazing and I ended up making sure 3 more shopping groups went to their store!  They have such an amazing variety in a small space.  But they also know where everything comes from and how it was made.  They wont try and tell you EVERYTHING in the shop was made in Belize just to make a sale.  But I ended up buying more here because of it.  They have amazing paintings on paper made from the bark of the fig tree done just across the border in Mexico, along with an amazing collection of Amber.  Both owners also have their work showcased in the store.  It is a must stop shop if you are looking to bring anything home with you from Belize.

Friday was also a big day in the library – our grand opening!  Read all about it here on the OLAAT website.

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