Bayreuth for my birthday : )

Bayreuth for my birthday : )



We went on a day trip adventure to Bayreuth for my actual birthday. It was a great day! Bayreuth is so close to us and there is SO much to see there. I have at least 2 more days worth of stuff I want to do in the city.   So we will be going back. But for this trip, we started out by going to the New Palace.  While the actual displays and tours are not in English, they do give you a translation sheet.
DSC_6560The “Old” Palace burned in a fire in 1753 and they then built the New Palace in the Rococo style.  It was beautiful inside and in amazing condition.   Each detail was impressive.  Just looking down at the floor in each room as we wandered through was something worth taking the time to study.  You can see the floor in this room, The Palm room, by Johann Spindler.


He was responsible for designing the paneling, sculpture, and parquet flooring for this room in the mid-1700’s.  I always try and imagine the people who have walked in a place before me, so I guess I tend to take notice of the floors.  But in places like this you can not forget to look up!  The ceilings in each room have been designed to give a certain feel and promote the theme the artist has chosen for the space.

DSC_6574 DSC_6575 DSC_6559 DSC_6565

 Some are painted scenes while others have detailed plaster work.

After we walked through the rooms the Palace had on display for us we made our way to the gallery where we were able to view some of the art.  They had a fairly wide variety of art including a collection of old books and printed works – both of which are a great interest of mine.

DSC_6578 DSC_6577

They also had some amazing paintings large and small!

DSC_6579 DSC_6562

Absolutely worth the visit!

You can see some video from my visit at the end of this video

After we left the palace we found a little Doner Kebab for lunch and then made our way to the Maisel’s Brauereimuseum.  While I do not drink or like beer, I am intrigued by the way things are made – and Billy does like and drink beer.  So this was perfect for both of us.  The museum is located in the old building they used to use to make and bottle Meisel beer.  When they outgrew the building and had to upgrade they left everything as is and created the museum around it to give a first-hand view.  Even the old time cards and other “mess” were left for our viewing pleasure.  At the end, there is a little bar set up and everyone gets a drink – which means Billy got two.

They did not have English tours here either, but they did have an English translation sheet of the tour.  I am actually growing fond of these translation sheets as opposed to listening to the guide.  1. I get to take them home (or take pictures) so I can go back and look up details I may forget.  2. I am a fast reader and can read through the info and spend more time viewing.

DSC_6618 DSC_6589 DSC_6591 DSC_6592 DSC_6595 DSC_6596 DSC_6598 DSC_6605 DSC_6609 DSC_6615

All in all, it was a nice outing.  Remember, though – a lot of things here close in the winter and even more are closed Sundays or Mondays.


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