A Camping Story – Deep Creek Campground, NC

A Camping Story - Deep Creek Campground, Great Smoky Mountains, NC

A Camping Story – Deep Creek Campground, Great Smoky Mountains, NC

Mom and I decided to take a little 4 day get away to the Great Smoky Mountains and have a camping trip at Deep Creek Campground.

Deep Creek, NC Camping trip

Camping you say?  That’s not what we usually see on this blog.  And no dog even?  Ok, ok, so let’s get one thing answered.  I grew up camping almost every warm (ish) weekend of my childhood – even in the rain.  (Why even in the rain mom?  I don’t understand)  I actually LOVE camping, but it is one of those things you either love it or hate it and unfortunately, I haven’t been around anyone else who loves it for quite some time.

And as for Bravo, he didn’t go because of the river tubing – no pets allowed on the trail or the river 🙁

Our super cute set up at Deep Creek Campground.

Our super cute set up at Deep Creek Campground.

So fast forward to now – I have moved back to the USA and I actually live very close to my family for the first time in my adult life.  So, of course, I convinced my best travel buddy to go camping.  She did insist on doing it up a little though.  So we got air mattresses and a massive 8 man tent so we could set up in style.

We also ate in style!  No messing around with these Ramsey girls – we know how to camp cook and camp cook we did.  French toast in the mornings, yummy sandwiches with fresh garden picked veggies for lunch, and amazing grilled meals for dinner (including rib eye, kabobs, and a stirfry).  Oh, and smores, lots of smores!

camping food – kebabs

We decided to go all in and camp for 4 days.  Deep Creek Campground in the Great Smokey Mountains was our number one choice.  It was about the same distance for both of us and there was TUBING!  We can’t do anything the “normal” or typical way, so we purchased our own river tube before heading out.  Why you might ask?  Because it’s a two person and in the long run cheaper than renting two for 3 days.

Deep Creek, Great Smokey Mountains, NC

While there is no shuttle at Deep rCeek, the walk up to the top really is not so bad.  I carried the tube and mom carried our things and we ended up walking about 5 or 6 miles each day throughout the day.  You can get in and out at many points along the creek so you can break up the walking how ever you like.

Deep Creek Tubing (the washing machine)

The river was a little bit low while we were there so one stretch of the creek was pretty horrible, but the rest was loads of fun.

Deep Creek – the shallow section

Watch the video to see the highlights of the trip and more river tubing fun.

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