How I almost died in a frozen swamp.

How I almost died in a frozen swamp.

Ok so it wasn’t really THAT serious… but it definitely wasn’t a good situation.

So let me start at the very beginning.

It is freezing outside (in the 20’s F) but it is sunny and pretty so I wanted to get some outside time to soak up some vitamin D and I also wanted to get some nice photos of Bravo out in the snow.  So we suited up and headed out.

DSC_6497 DSC_6522

Look how nice a clean we started out – take that in, because it didn’t last long.

We went out and Bravo started out rotten from the very beginning.  All he wanted to do is jam in head in the snow like an ostrich or jump around like an idiot.  So yeah… these are the super cute photos we got…

DSC_6500 DSC_6508 DSC_6517

He was not listening at all so I decided to head back to the house.  Well, he had other plans.  He wanted to see the birds by the ponds.  Now this is where you might think we ended up in a frozen pond… trust me, I wish that was the case.  But no, he broke free and ran around those said ponds as I chased him trying to get him to come back.  Keep in mind this is the dog that listens to me so well in the house and in the yard.  Well we ran passed all of the ponds (which I was actually hoping he would jump in because I could catch up and grab him on the way out).  Well he got to this little swampy ditch that was only about 3 feet wide and stopped so I caught up – but he was back in the brush .  I was trying to get to him when he decided to cross.  The water only came up to about his ankles and I had on tall rubber boots so I followed without a second thought…

This is where things go bad…

Real bad…

Instead of continuing on I sank like a rock… I went from chasing the dog to being arm pit deep in a  freaking swamp.  I don’t know how but I somehow managed to keep my camera out of the water AND grab his leash as I went down.  How that happened is a mystery.

So… There I am, my camera thrown up onto the bank and holding Bravo’s leash and unable to move at all without sinking further.  Oh and did I mention my phone (in a waterproof case) had died literally right before this all happened?  My mom missed out on a pretty epic skype call.  So I dangled there in the frozen icy swamp water with a hand on each side to hold me up wondering what in the world I should do next as I could barley even move my feet, much less kick to climb out.  I was still close enough to the path that if someone walked by I could yell for help but I didn’t see anyone and I wont lie, I was a little bit embarrassed.  I struggled for a while and couldn’t really make any headway to get out and Bravo of course was jumping around acting like an idiot, which is when I had a genius idea.  If he was strong enough to pull free of his leash and get me into this whole predicament he could get me out too.  So I got him excited and told him to GO and pointed (he knows the command, and fortunately chose this moment to start listening again) and he darted off and I held on for dear life while he pulled.  Inch by inch he pulled me out .  We walked home trying not to make eye contact with anyone we passed as swamp water sloshed out of the side of my boots and we left a trail of swamp stink behind us.

10931196_10155366311840413_7029389595088671685_n 10986719_10155366222155413_1703215702654326121_n

What I learned today:

1. I live up to what I have always said – I just cant do anything without it turning into some kind of an adventure

2.The name “Bravo the Bad Dog” may be a little bit too fitting… and here I have been calling him good dog lately.

3. I am apparently quite good under pressure.  I didn’t panic.  I sat there in the gross smelly water for a little while longer than I would have liked (who am I kidding, any amount of time is longer than I would have liked) and came up with a plan and got myself out.

This is the remorse Bad Dog feels.



We have both taken a boiling hot shower and I have mopped the entire house and I feel like I still smell the swamp.

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6 comments on “How I almost died in a frozen swamp.
  1. Hi Girl, you are so darn adventurance. Your mom would have been right in there with you. Thank God for your Best Friend there !!!! I Loved your story. It would make a great Guidepost Story. Love you, Your Conway, NC cousin. Linda Coffield

  2. Amy says:

    Hahaha! Sorry I really shouldn’t laugh… This is the first post I have read on your blog and it really did make me giggle.

    Somehow I feel as though ‘Bad Dog’ is a hell of a lot of fun. If it wasn’t for the sopping wet socks I almost wouldn’t have believed Bravo got you into all that mess! Well, it’s nice to meet you. I am Amy and I blog over at Haus of Pug about my life with two little pups – Chowski and Killa.

    You should check us out sometime. I look forward to reading more about you and Bravo!

    • Thanks for coming over Amy : ) It was quite the day to be sure! I figured I would go ahead and let it entertain other people… we truly were quite the site to see the quarter mile walk of shame we had to make to get home. I will be sure to follow your stories as well : ) Gotta support the other pup lovers!

  3. Liza says:

    Wow, what a story! I’m glad you’re ok!

    Hey, thank you for your comment on my blog, about that backyard oasis and those gorgeous rugs. I appreciate the info!

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