The Island of Crete!

The Island of Crete!

Visit Crete

So the whole sleeping on the boat (in airline style seats) is less than desirable, but it was either like $30 per person or like $150 per person… so yeah, we slept in our airline seats.  We arrived in Heraklion at around 7AM and had breakfast and hung out for a while waiting for the museum to open.  Unfortunately, the museum didn’t allow you to carry backpacks but also didn’t provide a storage locker, so we couldn’t go in.  This was pretty disappointing but we went and had an AMAZING lunch that was way too much food but so very tasty.  I am so glad that I started adding beef and pork back into my diet before going to Greece.  While I still don’t like a lot of things made with either, the Greek food was to die for.


Once we finished our feast we hopped on a bus and went on into Rethymnon to check into our hotel which was amazing.  It ended up being nice to have a down day to relax.  Our hotel, Casa Vitae, was right in the center of Old Town (no cars – except the ones who decide they can fit).  I show off the hotel in the video – check it out!  We loved walking around Old Town.  The area was really beautiful and again, we felt like we had the city to ourselves as tourists, but there were still plenty of locals.

DSC_6354-X3 DSC_6358-X3

For dinner, we went to a very local place called 2 Rou.  It was authentic Cretan food and the man even made his own wine… and Raki.  I ordered the fresh fish and got a plate full of little-fried fishes.  I have no idea what kind of fish they might have been but they were delicious!

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We got a good nights sleep and got up in the morning ready to explore!  We stayed walking distance from the Fortezza of Rethymnon, the Venetian-era citadel.  Construction began in the 1570’s after the fall of Cyprus.  The Ottomans conquered the fortress less than 100 years later and it remained in use through the 20th century.  Now the fortress is undergoing restoration.

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There was also a museum that had some very impressive artifacts and art.  There were many items that have never been photographed or published.  It was strange to go to such a little hole in the wall museum and see such impressive ancient artifacts from the Minoan time.

We stayed here in Rethymnon one more night and then took the bus to Chania to catch the boat back to Athens.

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