Regensburg – Day 7 #15daysthrougheurope

Regensburg – Day 7 #15daysthrougheurope



So we decided to venture out to Regensburg next.  It is only about 45 minutes away from where I live but I had yet to explore the city.  So we decided to have an epic everything Regensburg day trip.  So after trying to find parking and failing not once, not twice, but three times – we found a different parking deck and parked there and set out to find some food.

Well, where else would we eat in Regensburg besides the classic sausage house, Wurstkuchl?  Now for a little bit of history – I didn’t eat beef and pork for 15 years and have been slowly adding it back into my diet after moving to Germany simply to make traveling easier.  I still really don’t like beef, but I have found pork I actually have enjoyed.  So I wasn’t getting my hopes up, not because of the place, but because of personal preference.  Well let me tell you – it was amazing!  We sat right on the river and ate our sausage and pretzels and enjoyed every second of it.

(The Mom: I don’t like American sauerkraut but this German sauerkraut is delicious, to say the least.  I enjoyed every bite.)

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Now that we had filled our bellies it was time to book it back across the bridge and catch our boat.  Yep you hear me right 😛  our boat.  We took a cruise up the Danube to the Walhalla Temple and back to the center of the city.  We boarded our cruise ship and went right to the top where the seating is open air.  It was a hot day and at first, we were unsure about staying up there but once we got moving it cooled off.  We also decided to indulge and order some delicious apple strudel and ice cream (I warned you guys back on Day 1 this was really more like 15 days of eating through Europe…)  Anyway, the cruise was so peaceful and enjoyable.  We both wished we could have ordered more to eat but we started out full…

DSC_8601 DSC_8606 DSC_8608 DSC_8609

Once our cruise was over we went on a cathedral / church tour of the city.  This seems to be kind of a European theme… there are just so many churches here, and they are really cool!  So we set out to visit the Cathedral of St Peter’s also known as the Dom of Regensburg.  I have to say I enjoyed the outside of this one most.  The architecture is magnificent.  But not to say you shouldn’t go inside as well – it is just such an iconic part of Regensburg’s “skyline”.  You can see it in the above photo on the river.


From there we walked over to the Alte Kapelle which proved to be a wonderful surprise!  While we did not have the freedom to walk through and get close to some areas, it was still well worth viewing through the gates in place to keep everything safe.  It was a stunning example of the roccoco style.  The over the top, fancy detail work is just amazing.  While it might be nauseatingly grand and gilded, you have to appreciate the work that went into its creation and the attention to detail.

10526035_10205527807174484_5791603058949826634_n DSC_8182-XL DSC_8361-XL

Our last stop for the day was another hidden gem of a Benedictine Abby (now Papal Basilica) with a similar grandeur to that of the Alte Kapelle, St. Emmeram Church.  As you walk in through the courtyard you take in what appears to be a very “mideval” style, 11th or 12th-century building with aging walls and pathways that have worn in the middle from the years of feet walking in.  But then you walk into another extraordinary baroque church complete with gilding and paintings.  I love these churches – not only do they have amazing gold details and painted ceilings, but the windows are more common to let the light in (although I do love a good stained glass) and set the metallics sparkling.  A perfect way to end our day.

10526035_10205527807174484_5791603058949826634_n DSC_8182-XL DSC_8361-XL DSC_8370-XL

We walked back to the car a bit slower as we had worn our energy down and tired  on our feet.  But it was a wonderful day exploring a truly beautiful city.

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