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Schwetzingen Castle Adventure www.wanderlustanddogs.com

Day trip to Schwetzingen Castle Adventure www.wanderlustanddogs.com

Germany is so central to so many amazing places in and outside of the country.  While I have loads of great day trip posts, I thought I might make it easy to follow along and compile them all in one place.  I will put the closer (less than 2 hours) trips first, and then the ones that are a little further – since I consider 4 hours away a totally doable day trip 😉

Shorter Day Trips


Heidelberg and Schwetzingen make a perfect day trip together. See beautiful gardens and wander through the peaceful natural sights and then head into the busier bustling city.



Nuremberg is one of my all-time favorite cities.  It seems like it has an almost “southern charm” from back home.  I go back often, but if this is your first trip, check out some of the easy to see locations in this post.


I have been the Bayreuth a handful of times now, it is a great city to explore with loads of things to see inside and outside of the city.


DSC_8624-X2 (1)

Regensburg is another city perfect for a day trip.  Especially if you are interested in seeing cathedrals and churches, it is chock-full!


Bamberg is a beautiful city with a number of things to do, check out my quick guide for a list of sights to see all near each other.  This is a great guide if you are looking to see a lot but not walk as much.



Sanspareil is outside of Bayreuth in a small town.  It was really a treat to get to see.  Absolutely worth a day trip!


If you are looking for trips to Castle Ruins this is probably my favorite.  It is a small hike to the top, so be ready to walk.


This is another Castle Ruins day trip with a few other ideas thrown in.

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